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Mergers & Acquisitions

Transport & Logistics

Our consultants are experts in the Transport and Logistics sector through their business experience and work on M&A transactions. They can provide expertise in general and refrigerated freight, bulk transport, parcel delivery, full/partial loads, groupage, and sea and air transport logistics.

Transport & Logistics

With their experience as executives and managers, our experts stand by your side, providing sincere and transparent guidance.

Our business expertise

To meet your specific needs


Whether you are a group or company wishing to implement an external growth strategy, or an investment fund seeking equity investments or build-up transactions, CONSULTRANS can provide you with personalised, confidential support throughout the various stages of your project:

  • Validating the strategy and defining the specifications
  • Identifying potential targets by direct approach and establishing a profile for each identified target
  • Business valuation
  • Support during negotiations, assistance with the drafting of legal documentation (LOI, protocol, asset-liability guarantee, deed of sale) up to deal closure.


To ensure a successful sale transaction, a major event in the life of a company and its owner, CONSULTRANS will accompany you every step of the way, sharing our expertise in:

  • Performing a business assessment
  • Preparing the presentation file
  • Selecting the appropriate business valuation approach and legal framework
  • Identifying potential buyers in line with the seller’s strategy and objectives
  • Conducting confidential negotiations with the buyers, joint analysis of the LOI and guarantees received, selecting the buyer and finalising the transactions (protocol, audits, conditions precedent) up to deal closure.

We can assist you with your transfer, business disposal, sale to an investment fund, exit of minority shareholders or disposal of assets (business assets, etc.).

Business valuation

Whether you are planning to sell your company or are just interested in knowing its value, Consultrans conducts business evaluations to prepare your divestment projects or offer an expert perspective on your operations.


Establishing a fundraising and financing strategy

Commercial property

Managing the transfer of Transport and Logistics sites through our partner network.



Whether you are a Group or SME, based in France and/or abroad, we can help you shape your strategy.
We can provide personalised support for your acquisition projects, both in France and abroad.

Due to the fact of their leadership positions in companies within your sectors, our experts support your strategy worldwide (Europe, Americas, Middle East, Asia, Pacific, and Africa). They commit to your objectives through a structured, pragmatic, and efficiant process.

We can support you with our expertise in:

Business language and communication skills

Geographical knowledge

Managing international disputes

Local legal knowledge

Local financial knowledge

Local networks


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